Energy Storage


We partnered with Aussie start-up Relectrify to repurpose 9 Nissan Leaf packs to create a 120kWh energy storage system that effectively takes our facility off grid.

About our Battery Energy Storage System

We've tapped into Aussie ingenuinty to create affordable, innovative and sustainable energy storage for commercial and industrial customers.

Battery Energy Storage System One, or BESS 1, is a rugged 3-phase 120kWh industrial battery. Its integrated AC-coupled design enables simple and rapid installation alongside flexible scaling options from 120kWh to 2.4MWh.Our system comes with in-built functionality to give you the option to stack benefits from energy market arbitrage, peak shaving, network services, and reliable off-grid power. All of which is accessible at your fingertips through our easy-to-use Energy Management System web app.


Reasons to install an energy storage system made from high-quality EV batteries

Zero batteries landfilled

by being 100% circular

Affordable system cost

by extending the life of high-quality EV batteries

Lower electricity bill

through peak shaving and load levelling

CO2e saving

when paired with solar PV

EV ready

full life offering including end of life

Scalable from 120kWh to 2.4MWh

to suit your unique needs


Our energy storage systems are designed to help commercial and industrial customers take charge of their electricity. Costly power interruptions and nonrenewables belong in the past.

Standalone storage

Infinitev's standalone energy storage system is an afforable behind-the-meter solution that provides a safe and reliable flow of power.


Renewables + storage

Solar and wind power may not be produced when it is most needed. Our energy storage systems let your electrons travel time.


EV charging

Take forward steps in your sustainability journey along with efficient energy storage and cost savings that improve grid reliability

Work with us

We envision a world where an EV battery is borrowed by multiple users along its life. Reused, repurposed and recycle infinitely.

Work with us to create a circular economy for EV batteries.

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