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Hybrid Battery

1. Don't panic
The first thing to remember is not to panic. While the warning light may seem alarming, it's usually an indicator that something needs attention, but not necessarily an emergency. Keep calm and continue driving to a safe location or pull over to assess the situation.

2. Pull over if necessary
If the warning light is red or flashing, pull over to a safe location immediately. Continuing to drive with a red or flashing warning light can cause further damage to your vehicle or even result in an accident. It's always better to err on the side of caution.

3. Take action
Ignoring the light won't make it go away. If you're clever with cars, you may be able to make the warning light disappear for a while. But hiding the problem doesn't solve it. Talk to your mechanic about what's the best course of action. If you, or they, are not sure about what to do next, give us a call. Our battery experts are happy to help. Free call 1300 360 111 (AU) | 0800 360 111 (NZ).

First things first, our goal is to find the right replacement battery for every customer. Understanding how a battery will be used is very important in determining whether a Rebuilt or a New replacement battery is more appropriate.

Rebuilt batteries are made with high-quality cells from packs that have passed our stringent quality policy. All batteries sent to Infinitev are inspected for physical damage, and thoroughly tested to characterise the quality of the cells in the pack. Cells that are below our minimum performance threshold are recycled responsibly by our end-of-life partners. Cells that still have useful life in them are carefully matched with 'like' cells and rebalanced to a Rebuilt replacement battery. We perform stringest quality control on all Rebuilt packs before dispatch to ensure they meet our performance standards, and are a safe bet for our customers. Rebuilding packs from high quality cells allows us to pass on a cost saving to our customers.

In some cases, hybrid batteries get used too much for reused cells to be a viable option (e.g., taxi). The packs work, but their useful life (in kilometres) is limited by the harsh use conditions. In these instances, we recommend a New Aftermarket replacement battery made with new (virgin) cells. This is the best solution for the customer.

All our packs come with our industry leading warranty and No Surprises promise - they are true plug-and-play solutions and prices include fitment by an Authorised Fitter near you, no extra parts or labour required.

No such thing. Our batteries are Rebuilt - when we receive retired battery packs, we first inspect them for physical damage and visible signs of ageing. If they pass the test, all batteries cells are characterised: strict test protocols to determine the quality and performance characteristics of each cell. Those A-grade cells that pass our stringent quality threshold are then grouped into batches of 'like' cells and carefully balanced to create a Rebuilt replacement battery. All batteries are subsequently tested under our quality control protocols before being dispatched to an Authorised Fitter who will install it in your vehicle. Our Authorised Fitters are trained experts who perform a second, independent quality check on our work. All of this is to ensure that we solve your problem, not create new ones.

The short answer: because we don't like to play whack-a-mole. Balancing the battery is critical to its performance; changing just one bad module is usually short lived. Read about the detail in this blog post.

We've blogged about this before: read the full article here

For now, the short of it:

  1. Maintain your battery (e.g., keep the fan clean)
  2. Consider total price and warranty (don't get a nasty surprise for 'extra' charges; we have all-in pricing so you know what to expect)
  3. Consider rebuilt batteries as a cost-effective alternative. Check out our range of rebuilt batteries here. 

If you know what you're after, you can visit our Shop and place your order. We'll then connect you with an Authorised Fitter near you to arrange fitment.

If you're not quite sure, write to us or give one our battery experts a call on 1300 360 111.

No. Unless you are an Authorised Fitter or a qualified automotive mechanic, we don't want anyone playing around with these high-voltage batteries.

No. We like surprise, but not when it comes to paying more than we expected. All our prices include fitment by a specialist near you.

P.S. the price also includes shipping and recycling of the old battery. Contact us for a quote.

Give us a call on 1300 360 111 (AU) | 0800 360 111 (NZ) and we can have a chat. Or you can fill out the Authorised Fitter Application Form online.

We partner with local specialists all over Australia and New Zealand to deliver a great service and professional fit in a location that is convenient for you. So if you have a hybrid that can do with a battery upgrade, then we can help no matter where in Australia and New Zealand you live.

Our batteries are built in our ISO9001 quality-certified labs in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. We then ship them in reusable transport cases to a fitter near you. And the old battery travels back to us in the same transport case for reuse and recycling.

Energy Storage

Call us on 1300 360 111 (AU) | 0800 360 111 (NZ) to chat about what you're after, or fill out the partner enquiry form.

Shipping, warranty and returns

Hybrid replacement batteries rebuilt from high-quality cells come with a 3 year/40,000 kilometre warranty (whichever comes first). Hybrid replacement batteries made from new cells come with a 3 year/200,000 kilometre warranty (whichever comes first).

For full detail on our industry-leading warranties, consult our Warranty Policy.

Yes. We love surprises, but not those involving unexpected higher costs. All prices shown on the website include not only shipping, but also cover the cost of fitment by an Authorised Fitter near you.

All our hybrid replacement batteries are shipped in purpose-built, reusable transport cases. This ensures our batteries are not damaged in transit. Hybrid batteries using nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) chemistry are not classified as dangerous goods. We use reuable transport cases to avoid unnecessary packaging waste and to ensure that failed batteries are sent back to us safely and can be assessed for reuse, repurposing, or recycling potential.

As little time as possible. Our goal is to keep people going places, and that means having batteries available on short order no matter where you live. But we have to admit, our teleportation skills are not quite up to scratch yet, so if you're in a remote area it will take us a bit longer. Our Shipping Policy sets out estimated delivery times by location. It also depends on how budy our Authorised Fitters are and when they can squeeze you in. They're good folk; they always go the extra mile to get you going as soon as possible.

Circular economy

The short of it: avoid finite consumption.

We subscribe to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation's definition, which says: "In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear. In a circular economy, by contrast, we stop waste being produced in the first place." For more info, check out their website.

This goes right to the heart of why we exist - we envision a world in which an electric vehicle battery are borrowed by multiple users along its life - reused, repurposed, and recycled infintely.

Of course, a perfect closed-loop circular system may never exist. But we have to try; settling for less is not an option.

No, this is all included in the price and part of the service we deliver. We have custom-designed reusable transport cases that ship the new battery to your local specialist, and they then return the old battery to us in the same case. The transport case is then reused again and again. Wouldn't make sense to create a circular economy for batteries and have single-use packaging, would it?

Infinitev characterise all modules ofbatteries we receive to determine their next-best use case. Where possible, we will reuse them (e.g., hybrid replacement batteries) or repurpose them (e.g., BESS 1). Where this is not possible, we discharge the modules and safely transport them to reputable end-of-life processors. Our partners then responsibly process these modules to recover valuable materials from them.

Infinitev are members of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) and the Battery Stewardship Council (BSC). We follow all regulations and best-practice guidelines that apply.

Building a circular economy for hybrid and EV batteries is at the core of what we do. In addition, we try to minimise waste in all our other operations and achieve carbon neutral status by 2025.

Our current facility has enough solar generating capacity to power the scale of our existing operation, using BESS 1 as our energy storage system to power our building when the sun doesn't shine.

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