A world without waste

We envision a world where an EV battery is borrowed by multiple users along its life. Reused, repurposed and recycled infinitely.

Our vision is simple. Electric vehicles and battery storage are at the centre of the world meeting its climate targets. But the environmental impact of battery production and disposal is costly. Infinitev, supported by our cutting edge R&D, is building the capability to ensure this environmental impact is minimised.

Backed by cutting edge R&D

We know automotive technology - we have been remanufacturing and repairing complex electronic components for over 40 years. Today, we are leading the hybrid battery circular economy in Australia. We have built this capability to create world class expertise in EV batteries.

Infinitev is built on forty years' experience in the automotive sustainable manufacturing industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Our sister company Injectronics is the leading remanufacturer of automotive electronics like engine control units, anti-lock braking systems, and body control modules - these are all the small computers that make a modern car work.

Our parent, Innovative Mechatronics Group, has a rich history of innovation in the automotive circular economy and is ISO 9001 accredited. So it only makes sense for us to take this knowledge to the future of mobility: hybrid and electric vehicles.

IM Group is a business of the ASX listed GUD Holdings Pty Ltd (ASX:GUD)

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In the 20th century, we moved from horse-drawn carriages to ‘horseless’ vehicles, otherwise known as cars. Now, we are embarking on the alternative fuel vehicle propulsion trend, such as battery electric, hybrid petrol electric and even fuel cell (hydrogen) electric vehicles. Imagine we could utilise these alternatives to power the
transport economy.

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Research and development is in our DNA. We are partnering with leaders in the EV sector to expand and prove our technological capability. Our goal is to ensure that a battery that starts out in a vehicle continues to deliver environmental benefits beyond its first life: reuse, repurpose, recycle.


The best circular economy option - reuse products in their original application by repairing, remanufacturing or refurbishing them. Check out our replacement hybrid batteries.

Hybrid battery


Most used EV batteries are fully functional and have about 70-80% remaining capacity. We take those high-quality batteries and give them a second life in our energy storage system.

Energy storage


Batteries that cannot be reused or repurposed are recycled. The valuable materials recovered in this process can be used to make new batteries. Our zero landfill approach closes the loop.

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