HEVBRA- Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Replacement Anxiety

Battery Replacement Stress and Anxiety Experienced by Hybrid and EV Vehicle Owners

As the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, so too does the concern among owners about the performance and longevity of their batteries. This anxiety, or what Infinitev have now labelled HEVBRA (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Replacement Anxiety) can be a significant source of stress for EV and hybrid owners.

Check hybrid system dashboard warning light for hybrid battery

One of the main causes of battery anxiety is the concern over decreasing battery performance. As a battery ages, its capacity to hold a charge will gradually decrease, leading to a decrease in the vehicle's range (specifically in EV's) and overall performance. This can be especially concerning for EV owners, as the range of their vehicle is a critical factor in their decision to purchase an electric car.

Another major source of anxiety for hybrid and EV owners is the potential high cost to replace a battery. While the cost of batteries has come down significantly in recent years, they are still a significant expense, and many owners are worried about the sudden and high cost of a replacement hybrid or EV battery.

Having recognised this emerging HEVBRA trend, Infinitev leveraged its extensive knowledge and experience to develop an easy-to-use battery condition calculator that allows owners to quickly (less than 90 seconds) and easily check the condition of their battery, what it means and important next steps.

Battery Calculator

An easy-to-use battery condition calculator that allows owners to quickly (less than 90 seconds) and easily check the condition of their battery and determine if it needs to be replaced.

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Extremely happy with the level of service from John and Joel. These guys have a deep, technical knowledge of Hybrids and batteries, and they took the time and care to answer our questions. Joel even showed us the real-time ECU data during a test drive with his laptop once the new battery was installed. Very competitive on price and better warranty terms than Toyota. Highly recommended.

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Experts in the field of hybrids

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Late review but a massive thank you to John and his team for resurrecting my 2007 Prius. John knows batteries like Google! So knowledgeable and informative. Patient and accommodating. He managed to get me a refurbished battery pack considering he has such a long list of customers. No more triangle of death. Thank you John. The car is still running smoothly since the battery pack change 2 years ago!

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10 months & 23,000 km since the hybrid battery in my 2006 Prius was replaced with a reconditioned one. The unit & the car have functioned perfectly since. I found John most interesting & helpful answering all my questions (& speaking to my inner-geek about how the hybrid system works & functions [cells, voltages, tolerances, etc] before & during the repair process which took about 2 hours.

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