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Your local authorised fitter for Infinitev hybrid battery replacements in Te Rapa and the greater Hamilton region.

Trust the team at CoolCar Hamilton to have your hybrid vehicle back on the road quickly with an affordable and reliable Infinitev hybrid battery. From Toyota Aqua to Corolla, from Lexus Hybrid to Honda Hybrid, the team at CoolCar Hamilton have got you covered. Get in touch for a hybrid battery service or repair today.

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399 Te Rapa Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

Phone: +64 7849 6906


Why choose Infinitev batteries?

3 year warranty

We conduct extensive testing to ensure our batteries are of the highest quality. Our batteries are made at our ISO 9001-accredited facility and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Same day replacement

Our most popular hybrid replacement batteries are in stock and on site, so the hybrid specialist near you can offer you same-day replacement service. No need to come back later, no need to wait; just rapid repair service.

Hybrid specialists

We're hybrid battery specialists. We've been building batteries since 2015. So far we've not come across any vehicles we cannot service. Over the years, we've created thousands of happy customers.

A hybrid battery replacement you can count on

Replacing your hybrid car battery will help you stay safe and save you money in the long run. You’ll get more from every litre of fuel, and you’ll also reduce premature wear and tear of other vehicle components.

Booking in to have your hybrid car battery replaced doesn’t have to break the bank. At Infinitev, we provide no-nonsense prices for your hybrid battery replacement. Our service and price includes delivery and installation, so you exactly what you're up for. No haggles, no hassles.

What are the signs of a faulty hybrid car battery?

There are several tell-tale signs that the battery is on its way out, but nothing can replace getting the car diagnosed by a licensed professional using proper scan tools. But we understand you'll want to know what to look out for, so here are some symptoms to monitor:

  • Check Hybrid System warning is showing on the dashboard
  • Fuel consumption is increasing
  • Petrol engine is engaging earlier than usual, or on all the time (this means the battery is not providing power)
  • Faster cycling (charging and discharging of the battery) which you can see by monitoring if the battery reaches full bars more often
  • Fan is noisier than usual; the fan is used to deliver cooling air to the battery and it's engaged more if it's running hot (which is a sign of the battery not being able to hold charge like it used to)
Hybrid HealthCheck

Want an easy way to check the health of your hybrid battery?

Our Hybrid HealthCheck is a simple calculator to quickly gauge your hybrid or electric vehicle's battery condition, and get recommendations on what to do next. It only takes 90 seconds and is completely free!



Extremely happy with the level of service from John and Joel. These guys have a deep, technical knowledge of Hybrids and batteries, and they took the time and care to answer our questions. Joel even showed us the real-time ECU data during a test drive with his laptop once the new battery was installed. Very competitive on price and better warranty terms than Toyota. Highly recommended.

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Experts in the field of hybrids

Google Review

Late review but a massive thank you to John and his team for resurrecting my 2007 Prius. John knows batteries like Google! So knowledgeable and informative. Patient and accommodating. He managed to get me a refurbished battery pack considering he has such a long list of customers. No more triangle of death. Thank you John. The car is still running smoothly since the battery pack change 2 years ago!

Google Review

10 months & 23,000 km since the hybrid battery in my 2006 Prius was replaced with a reconditioned one. The unit & the car have functioned perfectly since. I found John most interesting & helpful answering all my questions (& speaking to my inner-geek about how the hybrid system works & functions [cells, voltages, tolerances, etc] before & during the repair process which took about 2 hours.

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