Common hybrid EV fault codes

A great repair service starts with correctly diagnosing the problem. We've listed the most common fault codes found in hybrids, to help you get started.

Isolation faults

In Toyota and Lexus, if you receive a P0AA6 – Hybrid Battery Voltage System Isolation Fault, it means that the high voltage power has been detected in the chassis of the vehicle when it should be isolated. Vehicle will NOT restart when this code is logged. The vehicle can specify the problem area by giving an information (INF) code.

  • INF Code 611- High voltage air conditioning compressor
  • INF Code 612 - Hybrid battery
  • INF Code 613 - Transaxle assembly MG1 & MG2
  • INF Code 614 - Inverter / Power control unit
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Battery codes

The most common battery codes in Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles are:

  • P0A80 - Replace hybrid battery pack: this is likely a battery issue, but could be a consequential code. Call 1300 360 111 for advice.
  • P0A0D - High voltage system interlock high: check the service plug connector
  • P3000 - High voltage battery malfunction: high-level code, diagnose other codes first.
  • P0A7F - Hybrid battery pack deterioration: more common in earlier vehicles, call 1300 360 111 for further explanation.

Inverter codes

The most common inverter fault codes hybrid electric vehicles are:

  • P0A93 - Inverter cooling system performance: commonly this is a fault with the water pump. We supply water pumps for some hybrid vehicles. Call us to check your vehicle model.
  • P0A94 - DC/DC converter performance: this code comes up in a few different vehicles, each vehicle has a common problem area. Call us with the vehicle model, symptoms and sub-codes to allow us to point you in the right direction.
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ABS codes

The most common ABS fault codes for hybrid electric vehicles are:

  • C1252 - Brake booster pump motor time abnormally long: check the ABS pump motor; we can rebuild these if faulty.
  • C1256 - Accumulator low pressure: check the ABS pump motor; we can rebuild these if faulty.
  • C1391 - Abnormal leak of accumulator pressure: likely a master cylinder issue; call us for the testing procedure.
  • C1392 - Stroke sensor zero point calibration undone: requires calibration; procedure in ABS ECU.
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Extremely happy with the level of service from John and Joel. These guys have a deep, technical knowledge of Hybrids and batteries, and they took the time and care to answer our questions. Joel even showed us the real-time ECU data during a test drive with his laptop once the new battery was installed. Very competitive on price and better warranty terms than Toyota. Highly recommended.

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Late review but a massive thank you to John and his team for resurrecting my 2007 Prius. John knows batteries like Google! So knowledgeable and informative. Patient and accommodating. He managed to get me a refurbished battery pack considering he has such a long list of customers. No more triangle of death. Thank you John. The car is still running smoothly since the battery pack change 2 years ago!

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10 months & 23,000 km since the hybrid battery in my 2006 Prius was replaced with a reconditioned one. The unit & the car have functioned perfectly since. I found John most interesting & helpful answering all my questions (& speaking to my inner-geek about how the hybrid system works & functions [cells, voltages, tolerances, etc] before & during the repair process which took about 2 hours.

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