What we're reading: Toyota New Zealand's sustainability targets

Toyota New Zealand is putting its focus on the recycling of electrified vehicle batteries, with a specific emphasis on those that come into the country via used hybrids from Japan. This move comes as two of the three most popular used imports on the market are Toyotas - the Toyota Aqua and Toyota Prius. Both of these models are especially popular among rideshare operators around the country, which means they tend to accumulate high mileage, making them more susceptible to battery wear and tear.

Sustainability Targets

Toyota’s sustainability report for 2022 addresses the issue of used import hybrids in particular, outlining the brand’s plans to provide battery recycling support for them, even though it is not necessarily responsible for the models that enter the country as used imports.

This move is essential as the Prius is a rideshare staple in New Zealand and around the world, and the recent increase in imported new and used hybrid electric Toyotas is bringing new challenges to Toyota New Zealand's business. The company is committed to finding better solutions for the repair and repurposing of these cars, with responsible recycling for all parts possible.

Toyota New Zealand's initiative is commendable and aligns with Toyota's global sustainability goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050. In addition, battery recycling has become increasingly important as the use of electric and hybrid vehicles continues to grow globally. Recycling not only helps to conserve valuable resources but also reduces the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Toyota New Zealand's focus on battery recycling is not limited to just used import hybrids, but all electric and hybrid vehicles. The company recognises the importance of taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of its products and is committed to sustainable practices that will protect the environment for future generations. Music to ours ears! :)


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