What happens to my old EV battery?

It's great to be on the road again, but what happens to the old battery?

Well, with Infinitev, you need not worry. We make sure to reuse and repurpose what we can, and recycle what we can't.  



Couldn't have said it better, Joel. 

When an old hybrid battery comes to Infinitev, it goes through a range of stages to best determine if we reuse, repurpose or recycle. To begin, once received our team will disassemble it down to the core battery pack. It will then pass through a through a series of charging and discharging processes to determine the state of health of each module. They'll either be classed A grade modules, which can be used for remanufacturing or B grade modules where they'll be tagged for recycling and managed off to a recycler.

The A grade modules then get assembled into packs where they are then balanced and meet our QC (quality control) standards. Once we've matched the modules, we proceed to build a remanufactured battery which is completed with our tinware casing and fitted with necessary components. An Infinitev battery comes fully Plug & Play which means it comes preassembled with the fan, ECU (engine control unit - a computer), and relay block - ready to bolt into the car.

This is a great example of how Infinitev are driven to create a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries. Read more about this on our Recycling page.


Zero waste from electric vehicle batteries: Towards a circular economy