Ultra-fast-charging batteries: Fully Charged in under 6 minutes.

Nyobolt, a company based in the UK that specializes in developing batteries with ultra-fast charging capabilities, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the field of automotive electrification. Their latest electric vehicle (EV) can now be fully charged in less than six minutes. Despite weighing slightly less than two tonnes, the EV utilizes a 35kWh battery and can rapidly charge within the existing charging infrastructure. On a single charge, the Nyobolt EV boasts an impressive range of up to 250km.

The design of this groundbreaking vehicle was a collaborative effort between Nyobolt and renowned designer Julian Thomson, who drew inspiration from his previous work on the Lotus Elise. The goal was to create a car with a more commanding presence, featuring enhanced proportions—increased width, length, and lowered height—while maintaining an aggressive and bold stance reminiscent of the original model. Thomson enlisted the expertise of the design and engineering firm Callum to bring this vision to life. The resulting EV serves as a showcase for Nyobolt's revolutionary battery technology, demonstrating its potential for widespread adoption within the automotive industry.

Nyobolt has conducted extensive testing on its batteries, subjecting them to over 2,000 fast charge cycles without any significant loss in performance. This breakthrough paves the way for the development of highly efficient and lightweight EVs. It is worth noting that Nyobolt's technology is not limited to small batteries; it can also be applied to larger packs, such as those found in luxury EVs, trucks, and buses, allowing for fast charging within a few minutes once 1MW chargers become available.

Sai Shivareddy, CEO of Nyobolt, highlighted the importance of overcoming the challenges faced by electric vehicle designers in the development of their fast-charging batteries. Previously, creating a lightweight, fast-charging vehicle was not feasible without compromising its lifespan, resulting in the reliance on large and costly battery packs. However, with their unique technology, Nyobolt has successfully achieved a six-minute charging time for their EV and developed smaller battery packs capable of delivering more power and charging in less time.

Nyobolt's groundbreaking technology is set to enter production in early 2024, offering a ready-to-deploy solution. Their proven lithium-ion technology enables a 10C charge (six minutes) and can be immediately implemented and scaled up.

David Fairbairn, managing director at Callum, expressed his enthusiasm for Nyobolt's pioneering battery technology and its impact on the design and execution of this remarkable vehicle. He highlighted the collaborative efforts of Nyobolt, Julian Thomson, and Callum, emphasizing how their collective creativity, engineering capabilities, and dedication have resulted in an EV that not only represents a technical milestone for the industry but also possesses captivating beauty.

Article Source: Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology