Spotted: Robotic mobile EV charging platform

At Infinitev we're excited about all things EV, including charging innovations. Here's one that we spotted recently: Ziggy (

According to EV Safe Charge, the company behind the invention: "ZiGGY is a robotic mobile EV charging platform that serves all parking spaces, not just a few. As more EVs hit the roads every day, EV charging demand can’t keep up. New regulations on parking infrastructure are being introduced daily to try to meet that demand, at significant costs. 500 million chargers could be required globally by 2040, up from fewer than six million today, representing nearly $1.6 trillion of cumulative investment in EV charging infrastructure. ZiGGY reduces or eliminates the costs involved in installing stationary EV charging systems."

It captured our imagination; we hope you like it too! :)

Source: World Economic Forum