Seen Online: NamX Hydrogen SUV Concept

Hey there, Infinitev community! We stumbled upon something fascinating during our virtual adventures on the World Wide Web, and we couldn't resist sharing it with all of you.




The NamX Concept: Hydrogen SUV

NamX is a new carmaker on the scene, bringing a fresh perspective. The NamX concept is a hydrogen-powered SUV, which combines a fixed tank with removable capsule packs. The concept model has 6 hydrogen capsules in the back of the car to achieve a range of 800 kilometres. 


NamX hydrogen SUV with swappable capsules
NamX with swappable hydrogen capsules (image:


According to their website: "Our goal is to build a Pr hydrogen car that overcomes the problems faced by the electric car. Fast and easy charging (less than 4 minutes), significantly increased road range, and the cleanest possible carbon footprint are our priorities. And they have all become reality with the hydrogen SUV." 

Cars are available for pre-order now, with delivery suggested for Q1 2026. Good luck to the team at NamX!