Seen online: More than 10 million EV sold worldwide in 2022

This one from Visual Capitalist came past our news feed, and we thought you might be interested too. 

Worldwide sales of plug-in and battery electric vehicles (EVs) surpassed 10 million in 2022. That represents 13% of all new vehicles sold worldwide last year. Compare this to 2013 when just over 200,000 EVs were sold, representing only 0.2% share of total new vehicle sales. 

Much of this rise in demand for EVs has been supported by favourable policy - in China, Europe and parts of the US. Closer to home, we can see the early signs of a similar trend. New Zealand has witnessed as steady uptick in the sale of zero and low emissions vehicles, partly in response to the Clean Car Standard. Talks of similar policy in Australia, alongside other initiatives, will likely boost uptake here too. 


EVs surpass 10 million in sales in 2022
More than 10 million EV sold in 2022 (source: Visual Capitalist)