Recommended safety gear when working with a hybrid battery

In this video we are going to have look at common tools, safety gear and equipment highly recommended when working on hybrid and electric vehicle batteries.

 First up is an insulated tool kit which includes insulated socket wrenches and torque wrench that allow us to do the connections up of the battery safely.

Next we have two sets of gloves used for different situations. The leather gloves would be used to pick a battery up as most batteries feature sharp metal edges that could cut your hands so it's very important to have those on while handling the battery.

Then we have the rubber gloves that would be used when you're doing insulation testing or interacting with high voltage components.

Not a common workshop tool but extremely important is the safety hook that is used in a situation where someone is getting shocked, a third party using the hook can come in and pull them off the battery.

Lastly we have an arc rated safety helmet that will protect an operator from arc flash This is just some of the safety gear equipment that we here at Infinitev use and highly recommend workshops consider having when carrying out work on hybrid and electric vehicles.

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