Pioneering Certification Framework and Processes for Reusing EV and Hybrid Batteries

The Association for the Battery Recycling Industry (ABRI) is hosting Infinitev on 25 June to share an exciting update in the world of EV battery reuse.  Infinitev has been working closely with the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) to develop and validate a groundbreaking ReUse Framework. This framework is designed to independently assess and evaluate commercial process and service providers, ensuring they meet rigorous standards. Once verified, these providers can earn certification from an external certifier like NTRO.


Details: Online, 1-2pm, Tuesday 25 June, Register


Reusing EV batteries requires in-depth knowledge of their architecture


Addressing Industry Challenges

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are rapidly becoming the norm in our quest for energy-efficient, responsible, and climate-conscious travel. The backbone of these vehicles is advanced battery technology, which, although highly effective, does have a limited service life that diminishes over time.

As the EV and HEV market grows, so too does the sector dedicated to battery reuse and recycling. However, this emerging industry faces significant challenges, particularly in the variability of approaches, technical competencies, ethics, and quality among current commercial process providers.


The Role of the ReUse Framework

Infinitev's work with NTRO aims to address these challenges head-on. The robust ReUse Framework they are developing will provide a standardized benchmark for evaluating the performance and reliability of battery reuse processes. Providers who achieve compliance with this framework will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate. This certification will not only enhance their credibility but also provide commercial certainty compared to uncertified competitors.

We look forward to the continued progress and positive impact this initiative will have on the industry, driving higher standards and fostering trust in the market for reused EV and HBEV batteries. Stay tuned for more updates on this important development from Infinitev and NTRO.



Details: Online, 1-2pm, Tuesday 25 June, Register