One for the stats nerds: Zero and low emission vehicle report

FCAI is the peak motoring industry body in Australia. It has just published a zero and low emission vehicle (ZLEV) sales report for 2022. 

“An essential part of the journey to a zero-emission light vehicle fleet is the implementation of an ambitious yet achievable fuel efficiency standard. All FCAI members are aligned on the need for an emissions target which considers consumers, the unique nature of the Australian market, product availability, affordability, and the full range of zero and low emission technologies.” 
FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber



Stats story


We won't bore you with all the stats, just those that caught our eye


Most EV are Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
Range and availability of electric vehicles in light and heavy commercial segments remains limited worldwide, but the myth that EV only come in small packages is wrong. SUV outsold passenger vehicles in EV. So for your average Aussie, who prefers an SUV over a passenger model, there's an electric alternative out there. 

Source: FCAI


Hybrid reigns supreme
And therefore the godfather of hybrid electric vehicles, Toyota, dominates the market. Toyota is the #1 hybrid brand with close to 73,000 units sold in 2022. Compare this to the leader in EV, Tesla, who sold almost 20,000 units. Plug-in hybrids was led by MG with just over 1,500 cars sold. 

Source: FCAI


Private customers lead the way
Although the ACT had a relatively high rate of EV adoption, in no small part due to government action, the bulk of electric vehicles were bought by private residents--not government, not business. Private sales comfortably outperformed all other segments: about 4x as many EV sold to private customers than business (whereas this is only about a factor of 2x for hybrids). 

Source: FCAI


About FCAI

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is Australia's peak motoring body, representing the interests of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from around the world. Read the full report here: