Mazda Australia and Infinitev highlight partnership commitment to building a circular EV economy

MELBOURNE, 21 November, 2023 – Mazda Australia and Infinitev are proud to announce a new strategic collaboration to deliver battery lifecycle management services.

Infinitev, a leader in the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery sector, aims to create the first fully circular economy for EV batteries through its reuse, repurpose, and recycling solutions.

Dickson Leow, General Manager of Infinitev, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership.  

"We are proud to have a holistic solution that addresses the environmental concerns associated with EV batteries. Our innovative reuse approach ensures that the transition to a circular economy is not only sustainable but also reduces waste and preserves valuable resources. Through responsible battery management, we can accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and build a greener Australia."

Mazda Australia Marketing Director, Alastair Doak added:

“As we continue to expand our lineup with electrified models such as the First-Ever, All-Hybrid Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 that each benefit from sophisticated battery technologies, it’s essential that we maintain a sustainable, multi-solution approach to this important aspect of a vehicles’ life cycle.

“The holistic recycling process provided by Infinitev will therefore be a key solution in giving valuable ‘second life’ opportunities to the batteries used in our vehicles.”   

This collaboration between Infinitev and Mazda Australia earmarks a turning point in the automotive industry as Australia rapidly moves towards an electrified future. Through this partnership, a new recycling ecosystem will be created that gives consumers sustainable options that will reduce the overall carbon footprint of EVs.

Mr Leow explains: “As part of this intensive multistage process each battery undergoes a series of rigorous testing and safety checks (SafetyCheck™). This ensures a clean and safe environment when we work with Mazda’s EV batteries.

Leveraging cutting-edge R&D and with more than four decades of expertise in automotive electronics re-engineering, Infinitev has developed a comprehensive suite of battery lifecycle management solutions. When a traction battery experiences diminished functionality within a vehicle, Infinitev initiates a rigorous protocol starting with a SafetyCheck—a meticulous examination encompassing both a physical and electrochemical safety assessments of EV batteries.

Following the SafetyCheck, Infinitev's skilled engineers employ their proprietary HealthCheck diagnostic tools to conduct thorough performance evaluations of the battery pack and its individual modules. This comprehensive assessment yields a precise characterisation, placing the modules into one of three distinct categories:

  1. A grade modules are reused to build batteries for EV traction
  2. B grade modules are repurposed for battery energy storage systems
  3. C grade modules are recycled by Infinitev’s partners to recover valuable materials

With Australian demand for EVs forecasted to double until 2030, building a clean and sustainable process for batteries will play a vital part of the Australian economy.  Infinitev’s unique recycling system seeks to not only create long term benefit for Australian EV drivers but create a brand-new ecosystem which maximises the usage of batteries.



About Infinitev: Infinitev is harnessing innovation to redefine the life of EV and hybrid batteries - and peoples’ perception of their availability, reliability, and affordability. Infinitev is built on forty years' experience in the automotive sustainable manufacturing industry in Australia and New Zealand. Infinitev is a service designed to reuse, repurpose, or recycle end-of-life hybrid and electric vehicle batteries.

About Mazda Australia:  After a proud history of more than 100 years, the challenger spirit and innovative force that drives Mazda is as strong as ever. Evoking our brand essence of “Celebrate Driving”, the Mazda range enters a new generation with the ground-breaking First-Ever, All-Hybrid Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 that rewrite the rules once more. We love cars and want people to enjoy fulfilling lives through cars. We envision cars existing sustainably with the earth and society, and we will continue to tackle challenges with creative ideas.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Dickson Leow
GM – Infinitev
Phone: 0458 043 150

Angus Thompson
Senior Manager PR & Corporate Communications – Mazda Australia
Phone: 0419 821 149

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Senior PR Specialist – Mazda Australia
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