Lexus RX450h replacement battery build

A quick peak behind the scenes as we rebuild a Lexus RX450h hybrid drive battery. 


Lexus RX450h

Every battery is different. Today, we're rebuilding a Lexus RX450h hybrid battery. As you can see, there are three sets of modules in this design, with each set having a dedicated fan to ensure proper battery cooling. 

Lexus RX450h hybrid replacement battery case with fans

Empty RX450h battery case showing 3 sets with a dedicated fan each


Today's customer does quite a few km's each year, so we decided to rebuild this battery with new aftermarket cells. The pack comes with a 3-year/200,000km warranty (whichever comes first), and will be fitted by our specialist in Melbourne's southeast (where the customer lives). The old cells have been shipped to our local end-of-life processor to recover valuable materials like nickel that can then be used to make new batteries. A circular economy in action - and another happy customer!

Modules ready to for assembly in the RX450h hybrid drive battery

New modules for the Lexus RX450h


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Why choose Infinitev?

  • We're the hybrid and electric vehicle specialists.
  • Rebuilt replacement batteries offer outstanding value for money
  • Built in Australia at our ISO9001-certified facility
  • Backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Price includes shipping and fitment valued at $400-700 (no surprises)
  • Thousands of happy customers over the years
  • We collect your old battery and ensure it is recycled properly

Infinitev replacement battery for Lexus RX450h