Infinitev and H Drive join forces to create sustainable solutions for Australia's electric vehicle sector

Melbourne, 6 July 2023 - Infinitev, an emerging leader in the electric vehicle battery sector, is proud to announce a new partnership with H Drive, a leading distributor of zero emissions automotive solutions.

This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen the circular economy of vehicle batteries by working together to reuse, repurpose and recycle EV batteries.

The partnership between Infinitev and H Drive brings together two pioneering companies that share a common vision: to develop innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the transportation industry. By combining their expertise, resources, and technologies, the organisations are well-positioned to make significant contributions to the circular economy and the advancement of the EV sector in Australia.

"The partnership between Infinitev and H Drive represents a major step forward in our collective commitment to building a sustainable future for Australia," said Dickson Leow, General Manager at Infinitev. "By leveraging our combined expertise, we can drive innovation and make significant progress towards a circular economy. Our focus will be on the reuse, repurpose and recycling of EV batteries that are not only environmentally friendly but also deliver deliver superior performance and user experience."

"We are excited about the potential of this partnership to propel Australia towards a zero-emissions future," stated Ben Kiddle, General Manager at H Drive. "By combining our expertise in zero-emission automotive solutions with Infinitev's innovative approach to electric vehicle batteries, we can accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation sector. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing Australia's carbon footprint and securing a greener future for generations to come."

With their shared commitment to sustainability and their complementary strengths, Infinitev and H Drive are poised to revolutionise the Australian EV market. By driving innovation and championing the circular economy, the partnership aims to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for Australia.


About Infinitev

Infinitev is built on forty years' experience in the automotive sustainable manufacturing industry in Australia and New Zealand. Infinitev is a service designed to reuse, repurpose or recycle endof-life hybrid and electric vehicle batteries.

About H Drive

HDrive is an Australian company that specialises in the importation and distribution of zero emissions heavy duty buses and trucks throughout Australia and New Zealand in both in BEV and FCEV platforms.