Hybrid battery remanufacturing and recycling program

If you're driving a hybrid electric vehicle, odds are that you care about your environmental footprint. When handled properly, some 98% of a high voltage hybrid battery can be diverted from landfill and no toxic materials remain. Better still, our hybrid battery exchange program gives high-quality cells another lease on life in rebuilt replacement batteries. 


How it works

So, how do we keep batteries from ending up in landfill? We partner with the mobility industry to create a one-stop shop for the lifecycle management of their batteries. When a battery no longer functions properly in a vehicle, we first conduct a detailed safety inspection. Then we test the performance of the battery pack and modules using our HealthCheck diagnostic. This will determine the next-best use of the battery modules.

Our first aim is to remanufacture the battery so that it can be reused in the vehicle. Over time, the pack will degrade so it is important to monitor its health. When the modules can no longer meet the demands of the vehicle, they may be repurposed for stationary energy storage systems, whether they enter their second life. By comparison, energy storage for commercial and industrial customers is a much gentler life for the batteries compared to that of a traction battery in a vehicle. Remote monitoring ensures that they meet the performance standards of the energy storage system. 

Eventually, the batteries will degrade to the point where they can no longer be safely and reliably used for any form of energy storage. At this stage, they are recycled and valuable materials are recovered as inputs for next generation batteries. Throughout the process, we ensure full traceability and zero landfill of battery packs and modules.