Home sweet home

We're moving into a state-of-the-art facility to grow our Australian operations. 

Infinitev and sister brand Injectronics' R&D centre of excellence have just received the keys to a brand new facility in Melbourn'e southeast. The fit-for-purpose building will house all future-focused activity of IM Group. Injectronics has been a leader in the circular economy for complex automotive electronics for 40 years, and Infinitev is creating a circular economy for hybrid and EV batteries. 

Circular economy businesses need a sustainable facility. Ours comes with solar PV on the roof, EV charger as standard, energy-efficient design and fittings, and rainwater/grey water harvesting on site. Our engineers can't wait to start building our very own battery energy storage system (BESS) to take all the excess solar power and store it for when the sun doesn't shine. We'll no doubt keep you posted on all the cutting edge R&D projects we undertake in our new home. 


New Infinitev premises to create a circular economy for EV batteries with support from SUstainability Victoria

Our new facility is partially supported by Sustainability Victoria