Happy customers - that's why we really exist!

Okay, so it's not okay to brag, but we exist to keep people going places. When someone calls us with their battery problems, it's a stressful time for them. Imagine what you'd do if you had to go without your trusted metal steed for a week, or worse yet, had to bid your goodbyes because you reached the end of the road. 


Luckily, we are often in a position to help. So too with Andrew and his family. Here's what he had to say in his Google Review:

Infinitev saved our Prius!

It's a 2005 model with over 275,000 km, so over 18 years old, that has run without a hitch except for the occasional tune up and tyres.

The indicator recently showed that the battery needed replacement. I was concerned it was at the end of the line for the car or very expensive.

I was so happy to find that for under $2,000 I got a rebuilt replacement with a recommended installer nearby who after quick delivery, turned it around in an afternoon. With a 40,000km warranty the car is back on the road for a at least a few more years.

Until EV prices come down.

Great communication and product - well done!

6 out of 5 stars if I could - they were that good.


Now that's worth getting out of bed for! 


P.S. Have you done the test yet?


Hybrid EV battery replacement anxiety