Handling Honda Hybrids

One of the more challenging hybrids to handle is the Honda Hybrid Civic 9th Gen (2012-2014) and CR-Z, Insight and Jazz/Fit hybrids. Not because replacing the battery is so tricky - not at all, it’s a quick and easy job that should take no more than 1 hour to complete. No, the challenge here is to get the diagnosis right.


Honda Civic Hybrid inverter with DC/DC converter assembly


Diagnosing the High Voltage System in Honda Hybrids

Not every battery fault code is a battery failure. Due to the complex nature of high voltage systems, pinpointing issues with hybrid batteries can be difficult. With Honda Hybrids in particular, we’ve noticed a trend: often the inverter fails, not just the battery. Replacing the battery in this case will not solve the problem.

If you find any of the following codes, then we suggest not changing the battery, as these point to the motor, generator, or inverter instead:

  • P0A78 - Drive Motor "A" Inverter Performance: This fault code indicates issues with the performance of the drive motor "A" inverter. It may stem from electrical faults, overheating, or component degradation.
  • P0A7A - Generator Inverter Performance: Similar to P0A78, this fault code pertains to the performance of the generator inverter. It signifies potential problems with power conversion and control within the generator system.
  • P0A90 - Drive Motor "A" Performance: This fault code highlights performance issues with the drive motor "A" itself, such as electrical faults, mechanical issues, or sensor discrepancies.
  • P0A92 - Hybrid Generator Performance: P0A92 indicates performance irregularities within the hybrid generator system, including potential faults with the generator unit or associated components.
  • P0A93 - Inverter Cooling System Performance: This fault code relates to issues with the cooling system of the inverter, which may lead to overheating and subsequent performance degradation.
  • P0A94 - DC/DC Converter Performance: P0A94 signifies problems with the performance of the DC/DC converter, responsible for converting high-voltage battery power to lower voltages for auxiliary systems.


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