EV charging networks introduces one app for multiple providers

Three EV charging network players are collaborating to simplify charging services across New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

ChargeNet, a major player in the industry, is developing a new app that will facilitate payments at both its own charging stations and some stations operated by competitors Z Energy and Counties Energy Limited, which runs OpenLoop.

With this initiative, consumers will no longer need to download multiple apps to access charging points. ChargeNet's chief operating officer, Martin Miles, emphasized that this app will streamline the process, citing his own experience during a road trip from Auckland to Wellington, where he had to use different apps for various networks.

The app is scheduled to launch in January and will incorporate Z Energy and OpenLoop's charge points, offering a convenient, unified solution for EV users. ChargeNet currently boasts 303 public charging points throughout the country, and they, along with their peers, have committed to doubling the network's size in the next three years in response to the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads.

The project has received support from the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority, indicating its potential benefits for promoting electric vehicle adoption and sustainable transportation.



Source: RNZ