Electrifying Growth: EV and Plug-In Sales Surge to New Heights in Australian Automotive Market

August marked a historic milestone for the Australian automotive market, with a remarkable surge in new vehicle sales, totaling 109,966 units – a substantial 15.4 percent increase from the previous year. Of particular significance was the exponential growth in electric vehicle (EV) sales, which accounted for 6.4 percent of the total and hybrid vehicles, accounting for 10.5 percent of sales in August, a clear indication of the accelerating shift towards sustainable transportation solutions. This surge in EV sales underscores a growing preference among Australian consumers for low-emission technologies and aligns with the global trend towards a greener automotive landscape.

As consumers increasingly embrace low emissions technologies, the market has seen significant growth in electric, plug-in, and hybrid vehicle sales, with more than one in six vehicles sold in August featuring these environmentally friendly technologies.


Source: FCAI