Dash warnings and basic battery health

At Infinitev we receive many calls and messages daily from customers saying that they have dash warning saying ‘check hybrid system’.

Immediately they assume that ‘check hybrid system’ means that the battery needs immediate replacing, however this is not always the case. Just like any other vehicle we need to make sure that we go through and diagnose the vehicle correctly.

The entire vehicle is the hybrid system so it could be something relating to the combustion engine, the ABS system or it could be in fact the battery. For example, on the older model Prius you'll even get a nice big warning triangle when the vehicle is low on fuel, this is the same light that comes on when the Hybrid battery needs replacing so it is very easy to confuse if the vehicle is simply out of fuel or actually needs a hybrid battery replacement.

This is why it is critical that we go through and diagnose the vehicle first before overstating or understating the situation. 


Do the test

And if you're not sure it's worth the trip to the mechanic just yet, try Battery HealthCheck first. It only takes 90 seconds to complete and it's free!


HEVBRA - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Replacement Anxiety