Congrats NTRO on a great launch event!

Infinitev was excited to see so many key players in the future of transport in Australia gathered in one place. Attending the launch of the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO), we saw first-hand what the future of movement holds, and the role EV batteries and Infinitev play in it. 


Paul Younis (Dept Secretary of Dept of Transport Victoria) giving a speech on NTRO and relationship with DoT

Paul Younis - Department Secretary of Department of Transport Victoria


About NTRO

NTRO is developing new knowledge, innovation, standards and specifications in moving people and freight for Australia and New Zealand. In their own words: "We offer innovative research and practical solutions to integrate planning, operations and research across all modes of transport including roads, rail, ports and airports. Developed by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) in response to the shift towards multi-modality in transport policy and operations, NTRO is working to secure resilience for our national transport future. NTRO is committed to ensuring that new knowledge is used to create world’s best practice across all modes of transport. NTRO pulls together multi-modal transport solutions and helps the sector embrace new technologies and materials, to tackle next generation issues across the sector. Whether it’s road, rail, airports or ports; public, private or active transport; and people or freight, NTRO supports a better mobility future."


NTRO car