Australia and the lithium battery value chain

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As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a more popular choice for transportation. Australia is no exception to this trend, and many experts believe that the widespread adoption of EVs could bring a wealth of benefits to the country.

Ford F150 Lightning electric truck

The article "Everyone wants a piece: are electric vehicles Australia's opportunity of a lifetime?" from The Sydney Morning Herald delves into the potential of EVs in Australia. The article highlights the job opportunities that could arise from the EV industry, such as manufacturing and maintenance, as well as the potential for reduced dependence on foreign oil.

Despite slow progress in the past, the EV market in Australia is showing signs of growth. The number of EVs on the road is increasing, and government policies and incentives are in place to encourage further adoption. However, challenges such as lack of infrastructure and high costs of EVs still exist.

Overall, the article paints a promising picture of the potential of EVs in Australia. It's worth a read to get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the EV market in Australia. Check it out here:



Erm... what about the battery waste?

So people tend to forget about what happens at the end of a battery's useful life. Thankfully, we're onto it here at Infinitev, making sure we are ready to reuse, repurpose and recycle batteries as and when they reach the end of their useful life in one application.