83,000 EV batteries on Australian roads today

The Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) has compiled a brief overview of the major electric vehicle moments in Australia for 2022, including EV market highlights, charging infrastructure progress, and policy achievements.


EV buyers nearly doubled

And the figures would have been higher if there had been more supply. In 2022, 3.8% of all cars sold in Australia were electric, reaching nearly 40,000 units. Based on feedback from car makers, all EV were sold before they even hit our shores, so we can see demand for electric vehicles continues to outstrip supply.


Sales of electric vehicles in Australia 2011-2022

EV new vehicle sales in Australia. Source: EV Council/FCAI.


83,000 EVs now on Australian roads

The EV Council estimates that there are now some 83,000 light EVs on the road in Australia s (not accounting for written-off vehicles due to accidents; grey-imports and/or retrofitted vehicles). The vast majority (79%) of Australia’s light EV fleet is made up of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). While it is encouraging that the Australian EV fleet has roughly doubled each year since 2020, EVs still represent less than 0.5% of Australia’s passenger and light commercial vehicle fleet.


Total number of Electric Vehicles on Australian roads

Total EVs on Australian roads. Source: EV Council.


That means there are 83,000 batteries on the road

And every one of those 83,000 batteries will need to be handled responsibly at the end of their useful life in the vehicle. It may not seem like a whole lot right now, but when we consider that about half of all electric cars on the road were sold in just one year, then we can see how the potential challenge of managing end-of-life batteries can snowball quite quickly. 

We hope car makers are thinking not just to bring more EV to Australian shores (the demand is there), but also have a plan in place to responsibly and sustainably reuse, repurpose and recycle their batteries. 



About the report

Read the full report here: https://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/AUSTRALIAN-ELECTRIC-VEHICLE-INDUSTRY-RECAP-2022.pdf

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